Clifford Phillips MA




I am a creative, specialising in 3D modelling, but with a background in illustration and a keen interest in photography



Earlier Career

I am currently in the process learning and developing skills in Photogrammetry [Reality Capture, R3DSwrap]. Lockdown gave me the opportunity to spend time on this while learning other related skills. I left the pontton project, having built a prototype, along with a group of talented colleagues and a placement student from CESI [Arnaud Mathieu-Bruno], a tool for the PONToon project. This tools aim is to raise aspirations, in jobs/careers and encourage novice users to perhaps stumble upon roles they would not have known existed, while helping less skilled users to start to use technology. Read more about the overall aims of the project. To see the prototype of this 'app', visit



Research: An initiative within the Faculty of Creative and Cultural industries (2016), where I work, has encouraged me to start researching again. As such I am in the process of investigating Self Image/Identity- specifically within the context of selfie culture. I am also involved in another research project (info to follow).


The advent of technology to allow people to take pictures of themselves without  ‘censorship’ such as using mobile devices to take Selfies raises the question: Has this altered the attitudes people have towards certain aspects of self image representation, has it allowed a freedom that traditionally wasn’t there?


If you would like to read more about this please click here.

In August 2008 I started work in the School of Creative Technologies (University of Portsmouth) where I have been able to broaden my knowledge and activities, now helping to support the staff and students across the BA/BSc and Master level students, within pre-production, production and post-production as well as being involved in the production of Stina and the Wolf.


As part of the Stina film work I have had to learn Vue, relearn Zbrush and furthered my skills in Mudbox. However Vue has been abandoned in the film pipeline as it proved too hard to integrate and control. Click here to learn more.


Stina is the second large scale collaborative project I have been involved with, the previous being a new musical called Sweat FA, which was set in the early days of Hollywood. Click here to find out more about this project.


I have been responsible for designing many websites over the years, currently managing the schools Mocap, BA (Hons) Animation, Gamejam sites amongst others. I am also actively helping to organise and run the event, as well as producing other design work for Gamejam.


I am also a keen digital photographer enjoying nature, both near and far, and with this travelling around the globe on or in as many forms of transport as I can. Within the last few years, this interest has spilled over into my professional life, taking photos for the mocap website, and for the faculty to record key events and visiting dignitaries.


My teaching role has also continued, enabling me to develop the Employment Preparation unit on the Ba (Hons) Animation degree. I achieved Descriptor 1 making me a Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.


I worked for the School of Art, Design and Media for 16 years, and supported the staff and students within the school, though primarily on the animation course/s, throughout this time. I was a part time tutor on many course throughout this time as well.



I completed my MA in European media in 2000 which was focussed on the new developments in Online learning and how this might impact teaching in higher education- the result were multiple experiments in websites ultimately leading to a large piece on the use of Photoshop and managed through a cascaded delivery system.



For the first 5 years at the school I also ran and developed an F.E. DTP course initially teaching Pagemaker and then moving onto Quark, Illustrator and Photoshop.



I worked for a subsidiary of Philips (Telecity CD-i), as an interactive media designer in Belgium and since have continued my interest in this field working in both internet design and DVD which included the school website at one time but now is used for creating online tutorials and the animation course DVDs. This was also one of the main areas of investigation during my M.A.



I was a student on the Illustration course, where I branched out into animation, creating work in 2d, 3d and claymation. I had a series of work placements during this time, mostly in visualizing and presentation companies, where I was directly involved in the Beta testing of 3d studio and then demonstrating it at the European launch in 1990.