Clifford Phillips MA




The 'kill bill' project. I was mucking about with Silo and started to make a moped, or at least how I thought a moped looked. However, I decided it may be fun to make it look like the bike from kill bill. Not sure where or why, but remodelled it further until I got this which is supposed to look like it is straining to go faster.

The rider has her arm out, and was supposed to have the Katana ready to strike. However, I got bored of this project, when Silo 2 came out and I could play more with the sculpting tools. I may revisit this one day. Still have hands and texturing to do (although I did do the shoe at one point).

Two parts of an anatomical study, with varying levels of success. Feet are always quite difficult to get looking correct. the plan at the time was to use these asset's for multiple projects including the 'kill bill project'.

A Katana for the 'kill bill' project. I got frustrated with this as I couldn't find good reference, such swords now being banned in the UK, and not owning one myself. The binding around the handle is often 'faked' but I wanted this to look like it was correct. The form turned out too hard to work out without the real thing, but I guess this is an approximation. Another screen grab from Silo.