Clifford Phillips MA




This is a older project, still at 'work in progress' stage. The intention is/was to use a full range of maps, not just the standard bitmaps as shown here, using displacement, specular and so on to build a more realistic render. I ran out of steam and reference, so this project is currently on hold.

Older work: This dragon sculpt, having three intertwined, and different dragons, is a single mesh, designed to be 'printed' using a Stereo-lithographic printer, to turn it into a 3d object. This method requires that there cannot be any open faces, and can only be one mesh - all quad poly's. This image of the work was rendered at 8500 x 8500 to then be printed out for a wall poster, at 3m Square - it took 92 hours to render

This project was for demonstration purposes, to model a character at the lowest possible poly count and to use normals to make it look higher resolution, (on the left image) and the car for danger mouse just seemed fitting to complete the exercise.

I did this years ago well before it was recreated into a tv show in 3d.. 4 years ago I worked with one of the orginal animators and showed him

I then got a little carried away modelling the interior, based on a plastic model kit and photos of the car. I modelled a higher poly version, which was lost, but is now refound- Lp400 in that case. This however is not the right engine, but I could not find good reference for it at the time.

This was a similar project, for demo purposes. The engine is modelled entirely using Spline cages, where this version of the Lamborghini Lp 400 was a low poly model on this occasion less than 1000 poly.