Clifford Phillips MA




Design work for University of Portsmouth's Game Jam


Initially this was for the Logo design, but has now included many different T-shirt designs (China, U.K. and France), multiple Winners Certificates for both UK and France, a main Website design, which links to other host based sites (when these are running), and many promotional poster designs (and for several years multiple logo tweaks and revisions, with bespoke font): This year was the 8th anniversary of the Portsmouth event.


T-shirt design work

This design is a round design, which features a swarm of butterflies appearing out of a white sun at the bottom on a red background.


The back design from 2013 took a slightly different direction. For the last few shirts I had tried to represent the different game genre's: this time I took a more abstract approach to 'combat/war' gaming. I also wanted to show the different styles of game play. Finally, I also took the decision to subtly include the Chinese Zodiac, which for instance, in 2013 was a snake.

2014 was about sport games, and rather than picking an obvious kind of sport, I went for one that I could also feed the Chinese Zodiac into (Horse). Initially I was thinking about sea horses, but this evolved to 'white horses' and the sea/waves. Eventually this ended up with this highly stylised version of a surfer, and the suggestion of our location in the background.

Square design featuring a woman surfing (representing sports games)

I oversaw the 2015 design, art directing Loz Hawnt and we decided to use gambling games as our theme, with the sheep/ram the Chinese animal. This year (2016) I am unable to do the design due to injury and so once again I have art directed Laura Wade who worked closely with me on the brief and to fit within my guidelines.

Trophy design 2016

Example poster designs (2010 & 2014)

Created in Corel painter. I was enphasising the 'revolution' overtones of the event at the time of production. This was about time and featured a large graphical represnetation fo a watch.